Writing customer service resume can be highly demanding task for people not versed in this, for others who are more experienced it can be easy and even effortless. However, both groups are aware that in resume writing process, samples are of major importance in fine resume shaping and giving it a final touch. No matter which group you belong, resume samples can help you by offering better solutions and alternatives for what you already wrote and help you improve it. This is specifically good when you want to get maximum out of what you have done by now. Also, examining excellent resume sample can guide you in writing from scratch, or be a good source when you simply want to update resume with new information.

As you can read in Customer Service Resume Sample, there is an additional benefit you can get by examining various samples, and undoubtedly the biggest is preventing possible appearing of errors and mistakes. Even to the most skilled writers happen to make mistakes, not to mention those without any experience. The common thing to many people is they do not look at final version of their resumes for potential grammatical, punctuation, spelling, formatting and other mistakes they could made. This type of resumes finishes in garbage before even had a chance to say something about their writers, in matter of fact, these kinds of resumes says much more. I don't know if you are able to see advantage of this kind of situation, but I undoubtedly see a huge opportunity to shine over a dozens only by this simple thing.

Different companies will need different types of customer service representatives. Consequently, applicants are advised to use customized resumes which are adequately written for open position. Thus this is another benefit from using samples, as you can easily search the web for appropriate customer service resume sample for the different types of jobs. On the other hand, you may get confused with the fact that all of them appear to be basically identical, if not even the same. This is why I would like to write short summary of how to write resume and provide you a sample structure which is universal for all customer services. Below you will find structure of resume sample with chronologically sorted elements by importance. 

 Contact Details

The top of resume is reserved for your personal information. This includes your first name, family name, telephone number, home address, operating email address.

Resume Objective

Resume objective consist of sentence or two which best describes you, your goal, your potentials, and your motivation for applying to this job... In this sentence you should tell why you should be employed prior to other candidates. Customization of this sentence is crucial in customizing resume for each job. This is where reader firstly land when open each resume. If objectives are not customized, your chances of getting hired drastically decreases. Thus it will look like you are not really interested to work in their company, rather it will look like you are sending same resume for each job and present you as disorganized and incomplete person.

Your accomplishments on previous job tells more about you than anything else you will write in resume. Wherever you were working you probably did something positive for company, whether it is promotion or great sales you must mention it in this part.  This is part where you should show off. Write your achievements and highlight them simply because you want them to drive attention. 

Writing down skills should be also done in chronologically order. If you have already wrote general skills, take some additional time to write custom skills desired for specific job. Always mention general skills as they are expected to be seen.

Your education might not be needed for performing this job, but this is an essential part of resumes, and you must write it. Good thing would be to mention additional courses you took in order to boost your skills and knowledge.

Work Experience 

You already wrote your accomplishments, so this is not part where you should write stories, simple make a list of jobs you performed in past together with your job position.


Even if this part is not written for employer, if you miss to write it, you will probably never get to interview. Reason for this is hidden in software who are first to read resumes and search for particular keywords. Those who match are passed to employer, those which not match instantly end up in trash. Did is why I love to say that keywords are the most important part of each resume.

This is general structure of customer service resume sample, if you follow this structure, you can't make mistake. However, it would be good to send your resume on verification to some experienced person and even pay for this service. We provided link above to a great source of resume samples, and you can check it for more information.


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